Sparking a Vehicle Revolution: The Rise and Rise of Electric Cars

The Rise and Rise of EV

Spare a thought for the poor car industry. As a sector it has had a lot to deal with over the last few years. There have been well-publicised scandals on emissions, increased robust regulatory and legislative approaches by governments to reducing emissions, uncertainty caused by Brexit and the general economic impact of COVID, which has […]

Brexit and UK Manufacturing – Who Holds the Cards?

Brexit UK Manufacturing

For many UK manufacturing businesses, the must-have corporate accessory for the past 5 years has been a crystal ball. All over the country, businesses have been trying to operate in an environment where the future was unknown and unknowable. It has sometimes felt a little like sitting at a poker table, watching the cards turn […]

From Piano Parts to Plastic Injection Moulding: advert archive part 4

From Piano Manufacturer to Injection Moulding Manufacturer

“Industrious Apprentice Rewarded” By Richard Gamble We continue to explore the archive of our family business’ adverts, a series that was published in the post-war era by my Great Grandfather. Today we are an international plastic injection and blow moulding manufacturer, but the business started life as a manufacturer of piano keys and parts.  Every […]

How to get the most from your injection mould tool design and manufacture

Injection Moulding Feasibility Testing

The design and manufacture of an injection mould tool can arguably be the most critical stage when producing your plastic component. It is here when you may incur potential costly mistakes and delays to your project – or indeed avoid them; the dependant factor is down to the manufacturer and tool maker that you work […]

Gamble Piano Actions advert archive part 3

Victor Ludorum means “The Victor of the Games” Written by Richard Gamble, Managing Director at ENL Group We’re still enjoying the pleasure of digging through our family business archives and discovering these delightful adverts, published in the post-war era by my Great-Grandfather, Hervey Gamble. Our business has evolved into plastic injection moulding, inheriting the relationship […]

Injection Moulding Master Class – tooling design and manufacture.

Injection Moulding Feasibility Testing

February 2021 Live Webinar Access the webinar here On Thursday 11th February 2021, we hosted our second in a series of live webinars, designed to provide our customers with useful knowledge and insight into injection moulding.  Hosted by Steph Gentle, Marketing Director at ENL Group, our industry expert panel consisted of Darren Hall from Synventive […]

Meet the Panel Injection Moulding Masterclass February 2021

Injection moulding

Injection moulding masterclass: How to get the most out of your design tool and manufacture Thursday 11th February 2021 at 2.30pm Dave O’Loughlin, Senior Tooling Engineer, ENL Group Dave has worked in the plastics manufacturing industry for over 30 years and has been with ENL Group for the last 17 years in the role of […]

Live webinar February 2021

Injection Moulding Masterclass: How to get the best out of tooling design and manufacture When: Thursday 11th February 2021 at 2.30pm With Guest Speaker: Darren Hall from Synventive Join us for our latest in the series of live webinars, brought to you by ENL Group. In this episode we will explore the tooling process and […]