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Gamble Piano Actions advert archive part 3

Victor Ludorum means “The Victor of the Games”

Written by Richard Gamble, Managing Director at ENL Group

We’re still enjoying the pleasure of digging through our family business archives and discovering these delightful adverts, published in the post-war era by my Great-Grandfather, Hervey Gamble.

Our business has evolved into plastic injection moulding, inheriting the relationship we had with aerospace and defence when my Great-Grandfather’s business manufactured parts for Second World War fighter planes. After the war, the company for a short while returned to its original roots of manufacturing piano keys and parts – the business was trading then as Gamble Piano Actions.

Here’s an advert from September 1946, it’s called ‘The Victor of the Games”. It makes me smile because of the wit and personality, yet the message is clear and – dare I say – synonymous of what our business, ENL Group, represents today and precisely why we have grown, too.

“In our more practical commercial world, the reward of achievement is not won in a spectacular contest. It is won on a cumulative basis and has shown as an expansion of business. This is how success has come to Gamble products”. Likewise, ENL Group has built a loyal customer base, over time, whose trust we have earned through our ability to manufacture consistently high-quality products, delivered by consistently high-quality service. 

Enjoy this wonderful advert from our family business archive. 

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