ENL Group work with a portfolio of businesses across a breadth of industries. There are certain industries where specific certification or specialist expertise is required. In these cases, we’ve provided some more information for you.


Specialist  in Aerospace & Defence.

Whether for business or pleasure, the next time you fly, an ENL component is part of the aircraft you’re on.

Supported by the aerospace AS9100D quality standard, ENL has spent over 60 years perfecting the manufacturing processes required to meet these exacting requirements. As a result, ENL is the partner of choice to some of the world’s most respected aerospace brands.

Our blue-chip aerospace customers have worked with us for decades because our quality is uncompromised.

We are proud to be associated with a wide variety of aircraft programmes and manufacturers, such as:

  •         Airbus A300, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, A380, A400M

  •         Boeing 737, 747, 757

  •         Eurocopter

  •         Bombardier

  •         Joint Strike Fighter Programme

Industries. Moulding for Aerospace & Defence




Industries. Injection Moulding for Medical

Quality and continuity are critical to the medical and bioscience sector and that’s why we are trusted by our customers in this industry. Described as ‘a partner – not just a supplier – for business-critical lines’ in one of the many accolades we’ve received from businesses we’ve worked with for many years.

Our stringent and comprehensive quality process at ENL ensures that even the most complex moulds are accurate and precise – always.

We support the needs of our customers in this sector by investing in the right equipment and machinery, operating a seven day production line and implementing comprehensive business continuity measures, so that critical production is always fulfilled and never compromised.

Currently, during the Covid-19 crisis, we have registered as a manufacturer who can assist with emergency equipment production. We are supporting companies who are supplying ventilators – and other critical supplies such as sharps bins – to the NHS.

If you’d like ENL to support you with your critical supplies, please get in touch. 



At ENL Group, we’re highly skilled and experienced at producing plastic parts with the exact precision and quality that is necessary for critical components of electronics.

As a result of many decades moulding plastic parts, we are experienced in making parts ranging from electronic traffic signalling and railway signalling components to parts for mainstream electronics and household goods. The best thing about ENL is that we have the capability to tool and manufacture even the most complex or specialist parts, producing low to high volume parts.

For more information, please get in touch.

Logitech Keyboard and mouse with headphones


Injection Moulding for Automotive

After many decades of supplying and servicing the automotive industry, we’ve mastered a unique value proposition to this sector, which satisfies – and exceeds – the expectations of  the three key drivers in automotive: quality, cost and on-time delivery.

Quality: We ensure the precision and quality, that is critical in the automotive industry, is maintained to the highest of standards through an integrated automotive quality system, IATF 16949, which covers both our manufacturing sites in the UK and Slovakia. This is all delivered through our state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and the skill of our very experienced teams.

Cost: Our cost-efficient infrastructure has been purpose-built to accommodate the cost-driven needs of the automotive sector, which means ENL can offer a very compelling price proposition. We provide flexibility for low to medium volumes through our UK site, whilst our Slovakian site specialises in high volume.

On-time delivery: Our on-time delivery record is, quite simply, superb, which has earned us a solid and commendable reputation. We have strong knowledge of logistics management and we handle complex inbound / outbound parts management across both our UK and Slovak sites for many of our automotive customers.


Whether they’re connectors, stoppers or valves, we make a vast range of complex mouldings for companies in the transport, logistics and packaging sector. Many of our customers will come to ENL Group with a challenging product – we always find a way to tool and manufacture even the most complex moulding at the highest of quality, and in the most cost-effective way.

Packaging & Logistics