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Supporting our customers with electric parts

We recently explored the rise in demand for electric vehicles, across the continent and how the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing manufacturers to re-think their EV strategy; specifically, as to where in the world they manufacture. It was our customer base who inspired us to write the recent blog, as the volume of work for our customers involved in electric car parts increases each month.

Increased EV Manufacturing Demand in Europe

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Our customers are already responding to the growing demand for electric vehicles and our purpose-built Slovakia site is supporting this requirement, where we’re producing substantially more electric vehicle components for European manufacturers.

Furthermore, the recent announcement by Volkswagen to begin its own battery production as it embarks upon a joint venture of a €450m investment with Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt AB, setting up a plant in Salzgitter, demonstrates the strategic investments in Europe in the automotive sector.

Injection Moulding Is Helping To Drive The Electric Vehicle Transition

Battery technology is evolving, thankfully, as the automotive sector is faced with the challenge of producing EVs that can safely maintain power, with longer life to make them more efficient. Injection moulding is a critical process in manufacturing for the automotive sector, but it is set to play a hugely significant role in components for electric vehicles and, in particular, the housings of the batteries. Injection moulding offers a cost-effective solution for car manufacturers, enabling the precision of complex components in high volume, which can include the battery casing.

An interesting article by International Business Magazine explores this further.

Tight Tolerance and Precision

The requirements for these parts are often complex, with manufacturers requiring highly engineered moulding tolerances. ENL is uniquely positioned to fulfil these needs, with the expertise of our engineers and the capability of our technology and machinery. It’s why our customers choose us to help them deliver to their specifications. Combined with our IATF 16949 certification,  our quality processes provide our customers with a superior level of control that the automotive sector requires and expects.

For more information as to how ENL can assist you with high quality, precision moulding, please contact us