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The Vintage Series: Gamble Piano Action advert archive

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Last month we introduced the first of a series of archived post-war adverts, published in the ‘Pianomaker’ throughout 1946 – 1947. Before ENL Group evolved into the business we are today, our company manufactured parts and assemblies for war planes in the Second World War. Prior to that, we manufactured components and keys for pianos. Then called ‘Gamble Piano Actions’, the company was run by our current Managing Director, Richard Gamble’s great grandfather and grandfather. In a bid to return to its traditional roots of piano components, Gamble Piano Actions ran a series of rather brilliant and humorous adverts in the Pianomaker. 

Every month we will share with you an advert from this treasured archive. This month it’s ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth’. Published in February 1947, this advert uses great humour and dips into the past to draw a similarity with manufacturers ‘selling to the masses’ versus selling to a trained eye who have chosen Gamble Piano Actions because “investigation has proved them to be outstanding in technical design, first rate craftsmanship and utter reliability”.

Likewise, we can draw upon the past and the values remain synonymous with our business today. We know our customers rate ENL Group for such qualities today. Our customers testimonials support this, with both engineers and buyers stating how they value the ENL Group because of the quality of our work and the customer service we offer. It’s great to see history repeat itself.

Enjoy this wonderful advert from our family business archive. 

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Horse advert
An advert placed by Gamble Piano Actions, published in The PianoMaker