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Our UK plant is based on the south coast of England, in Portsmouth. Perfectly located, Portsmouth is a major hub for exporting and importing shipments, which works very well for our connection to mainland Europe.

The UK site specialises in complex mouldings, which include:

  • High performance materials
  • Tight tolerances
  • Two-shot insert and lead frame mouldings

Most of the production work in the UK involves low – medium volume, servicing the aerospace & defence sector, automotive, electronics, medical and other sectors.

The impressive 3,000 square metre plant employs 92 people across the departments. We operate 24 machines on site, for injection and blow moulding, 24/5. Our Injection Moulding Machines range from 15T to 1100T, this is supported by 2nd Op Machining and Assembly.

The UK houses the design and tooling team, with a 554 square metre, fully-equipped tooling room.

If you’d like to know more about our services and capabilities, please get in touch.