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Supplier Guidelines

Revision 11 – 13th February 2020

ENL’s Quality Policy Statement is that:

We meet the needs of our customers.
Our products are correct and delivered on time.

We recognise the big impact suppliers can have on our ability to achieve our goals and
therefore we have created these guidelines to help suppliers understand our requirements.

The supplier shall treat all information and data disclosed to it as confidential and
proprietary and shall not disclose it to a 3rd party nor use the information for any other
purpose without the express agreement of ENL.

Contract Review
On receiving a purchase order the supplier will undertake a contract review to ensure they
have processes that are capable of meeting all demands of the drawing and the purchase
order – including delivery dates and price. If these cannot be met ENL must be informed
immediately. This review should be documented.

Initial Samples – for items made to a drawing
When a supplier manufactures a part for the first time six samples should be sent to ENL
with a Supplier Inspection Report (F10S). All drawing dimensions should be measured. If
any dimension cannot be met, the ENL buyer should be informed before samples are
submitted so that a concession can be granted. Where there are agreed Significant
Characteristics, Process Capability Indices (Cpk) should be provided with the inspection

Process Monitoring & Capability
ENL recommends that suppliers monitor their manufacturing processes to ensure
conformance with expected outcomes and act as basis for continual improvement.
Where there are agreed Significant Characteristics (SCs) the initial Cpk should be at least
1.33. If you have any queries with this requirement, please contact the Quality Manager at

Process Changes
The supplier is to inform the ENL buyer in writing of all proposed process changes before
they happen. These include: modifications in the production process (e.g. production
methods), relocation of production (production site), changes in the supply source. In these
cases a new initial sample report should be supplied after the modification.

Quality System
ISO9001 is the preferred Quality System for our suppliers.

Environmental Management System
ISO14001 is the preferred Environmental Management System for our suppliers.

Suppliers must target 100% on time delivery. If the supplier feels they cannot maintain an
agreed delivery date they must inform the ENL buyer as soon as they are aware. We
monitor your performance on a monthly basis and where we have concerns we will contact
you to discuss them.
Unless otherwise stated on the purchase order, all deliveries are to be sent to: –

Goods Inwards
Unit 2, Victory Trading Estate
Kiln Road

Items should be clearly labelled and identified with the ENL part number as stated on the
purchase order.

Non conformance
Where the supplier sends in non-conforming product, it is the supplier’s responsibility to
contain the problem so ENL does not have a supply problem with its customer. A supplier
corrective action report (SCAR) shall be issued to the supplier for completion within ten
working days.

Prevention of Counterfeit Parts
The Supplier shall plan, implement, and control processes, appropriate for the prevention of
counterfeit part use and their inclusion in product(s) delivered to ENL.

Product Safety
The Supplier shall plan, implement and control the processes needed to assure product
safety, and ensure that persons are aware of their contribution towards product and service

Retention of Records
Suppliers shall retain records pertaining to an ENL purchase order for the duration of 15
years and notify ENL in writing prior to disposal, unless otherwise instructed.

ENL will pay invoices sixty days from the end of month of date of invoice.

Any deviation to the above conditions must be agreed in writing by the ENL buyer.

Ethical Purchasing Code
The supplier must ensure they do not offer any inappropriate gifts or hospitality that maybe
seen to compromise the integrity of the professional relationship.

Modern Slavery Code
The supplier must ensure they comply with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015
and ensure transparency within their supply chain.