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The Vintage Series

Today we are reminiscing about the ‘good ole times’ of our family business. We are going back to our historic roots, and we hope you enjoy this series of adverts over the coming months

ENL is a family-run business that goes back over many decades. It was in 1919 that Gamble Piano Actions (GPA) first started manufacturing the keys and action parts for pianos. During the Second World War they were called upon to manufacture parts for British war planes, which ultimately led the company to where it is today.

Family values

Richard Gamble, our current MD, recently found some brilliant and humorous post-war adverts from Gamble Piano Actions.  These adverts were published in ‘ The Pianomaker’ magazine between 1946 and 1947, when Richard’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather were able to once again go back to manufacturing piano components. Not only are these adverts brilliant in humour, but they also emulate the same company values that we possess to this day. First and foremost, that quality is at the heart of everything we do and throughout the decades our reputation for manufacturing at the highest quality has preceded us. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do…

“For better or worse”

Placed in April 1947 this advert describes the importance of a happy relationship, whether it is putting together the right parts for a beautiful piano or for a happy alliance between customer and supplier! We love the humour of “parents can’t choose their children’s’ life partners”, but piano makers can choose the parts for their pianos.

Synonymous with our values today,  we work with our customers in a partnership approach, helping them to achieve their business goals by providing them more than just a quality component.


For Better or For Worse
This is an advert placed in the Pianomaker in April 1947

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