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Meet Our New Robots

Less than 200 miles north of ENL Group’s Slovakian factory lies a small Czech village called Malé Svatoňovice. This village, of 1500 people, is the birthplace of a Czech science-fiction writer called Karel Čapek.

You may not instantly recognise the name, but it was Čapek who first introduced the word “robot” to the world, in a hit 1920 play.

Just over a century later, an idea that was once science fiction has become a feature of modern manufacturing the world over. Robots are today used across industry to deliver efficiency, consistency, speed and quality.

Investing for the future

As a business that is focused on developing the very best solutions for our customers, ENL Group is always looking to implement new approaches that can help us deliver on our absolute commitment to quality. We see automation of processes as a key part in how we can drive quality and consistency without adding additional costs for customers.

That is why ENL Group has recently invested in new state-of-the-art robotics technology at our Slovakia site. It is here that we are creating large volumes of housing units for some of the leading names in Europe’s car industry.

Efficiency is key

Previously, assembling these units was the task of an army of manual workers. Brilliant though our workers were, when it comes to speed, quality and efficiency, they simply cannot match our new robots.

Currently these robots are working across four product lines, assembling fans and air-conditioning components for some of the world’s leading automotive companies. This new robotic solution is increasing speed and quality, slashing cycle times by over 30%, and reducing wastage, helping to meet our broader sustainability goals.

This is bringing benefits to the business and to our customers, delivering high-quality parts and supporting stable pricing, that does not fluctuate as labour costs increase.

At ENL Group, we know that the world does not stand still. As a business, ENL will not stand still either. As we discussed in a recent blog, investing in automation will be a vital element in creating the manufacturing businesses of the future. That is why, as a leading plastic injection moulding company, we will continue to invest in cutting-edge robotic technologies, bringing the most modern methods into our business to deliver quality, efficiency and value for all of our customers.

About ENL Group

ENL Group is based in Portsmouth, UK and Veľké Kostoľany, Slovakia. Established in 1958, we have been servicing UK-based and European companies for decades. Working with a secure supply chain, ENL provides quality components for quality-driven customers – with full certification for all of our products and quality checking at every stage.

Operating 24/7, we design, manufacture and deliver critical components for our customers across the UK and Europe.

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