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An Inspector Calls: ENL Quality Audit Update

At ENL Group, one of our core values is quality.

This is reflected in every stage of the customer journey, resulting in superior products and outstanding service.

But we don’t just expect customers and potential customers to simply take our word for it. We ensure that we have external confirmation of the very high standards that we hold ourselves to as a company.

That is why we regard certification as so important. External audits of our products, systems, and processes provide our customers with the confidence that they need when selecting a supplier of high-quality moulded plastic components.

Part of that process is undergoing a rigorous assessment every three years where external inspectors swoop in to look at the processes we have in place to ensure that our standards are maintained.

Our Recent Audit

Recently, a team from LRQA spent significant time within the business to renew both our ISO9001 certification and the higher AS9100D certification that is required for companies producing parts and components for the aerospace industry.

This higher certification reflects the critical importance of having superior quality components when manufacturing for aerospace, where the quality of sub-standard components are potentially so significant.

Quality Manager at ENL, Marc Bowyer-Briggs, sees external audits of quality standards as absolutely essential in helping the company maintain the sector-leading quality that customers expect.

“It is important because it shows a company-wide commitment to supply what the customer wants,” he explains. “It provides our customers with a level of assurance that they will always get the quality parts that they need.”

The full audit takes place every three years and looks at the end-to-end processes that are in place.  LRQA auditors spend time in the business, looking at everything from quotations, storage, maintenance, production lines, and IT infrastructure.  They speak to staff from the leadership, as well as operators on the shop floor. This gives them a full picture of how quality is ensured at every stage in all of our activities.

During our latest inspection, we were delighted to have both ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications renewed, with zero areas identified as requiring improvement.

For Marc, achieving zero defects in the audit is a source of corporate satisfaction. However, what matters the most is not company bragging rights but the ultimate impact on customers.

“The more you deliver on time, and with zero defects, the fewer problems customers have,” he explains. “An external audit is like having that extra layer to deliver to customer requirements”.

When we ask him what his top tips are for achieving and maintaining such high-quality standards, he doesn’t hesitate.

“It comes down to teamwork,” he tells us. “It is very much a team effort. People want to work here because of the culture. Everyone across the business has a commitment to quality.”

Building a culture that foregrounds quality is vital in maintaining the high standards that customers expect. That culture is shared by everyone from the boardroom to the factory floor.

But Marc is clear that no one within ENL will be resting on their laurels following the recent successful audit. For him, a critical part of a quality culture is a commitment to continuous improvement across the entire staff team.

“Nobody’s perfect,” he says. “It’s about showing steps towards perfection. It is about continuing to look at ourselves and making further improvements.”

As ENL moves forward, there are areas where it wants to improve even further. In particular, the company wants to do more to align its core activity with its broader environmental goals, driving up the rates of recycling and finding ways to deliver the quality customers expect more sustainably.

For now, though, everyone across the business is delighted that LRQA gave us such a glowing report. Customers should be pleased too. The fact that our high-quality standards continue to pass the most rigorous of assessments ultimately means that they can have total confidence in the parts and components we supply.

About ENL Group

ENL Group is based in Portsmouth, UK and Veľké Kostoľany, Slovakia. Established in 1958, we have been servicing UK-based and European companies for decades. Working with a secure supply chain, ENL provides quality components for quality-driven customers – with full certification for all of our products and quality checking at every stage.

Operating 24/7, we design, manufacture and deliver critical components for our customers across the UK and Europe.

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