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From Piano Parts to Plastic Injection Moulding: advert archive part 4

“Industrious Apprentice Rewarded”

By Richard Gamble

We continue to explore the archive of our family business’ adverts, a series that was published in the post-war era by my Great Grandfather.

Today we are an international plastic injection and blow moulding manufacturer, but the business started life as a manufacturer of piano keys and parts. 

Every one of these adverts strike a chord with us, it’s clear to see that while the business has changed, the core values are as strong as ever. 

The article is titled “Industrious Apprentice Rewarded” and alludes to the great work of British artist William Hogarth, who presents the industrious apprentice in a series of engravings published in 1747, depicting how industry and virtue are rewarded with success. 

This advert discusses how ‘times have changed’ since the olden days, when an industrious apprentice would be rewarded the hand of his master’s daughter (like the story the engraving tells). However, hard, intelligent and faithful work still brings acknowledgement. Over time, this meant Gamble Piano Actions became recognised for their highly skilled precision for manufacturing piano parts.

In many ways, times have not changed for our family business. Today ENL Group manufactures critical components for industry-leading brands and companies, internationally, and across many sectors. Our expertise and knowledge of plastic injection moulding, toolmaking, which is supported by our technical design and engineering team continues to satisfy our customers. 

Enjoy this brilliant advert from our family business archive, and I do hope the drawing doesn’t offend anyone!

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